Cashmere comes from an old spelling of “Kashmir”, the region where Cashmere production and trade most likely originated, in northwestern region of South Asia. Cashmere is the fine fur/wool located on the underbelly of the Kashmir goats, that hail primarily from the high plateaus of Mongolia, Iran, Tibet and China. Arguably being the softest and most luxurious of natural fibers in the world, raw Cashmere is collected in three base colors – brown, grey, and white, but is easily dyed in various colors. Each Kashmir goat is combed by hand in the spring when they are shedding the fine underdown that protected them during the often harsh winters. The combining season lasts three to four weeks and the actual amount of wool collected is only around 200-250 grams per goat. This scarcity is why Cashmere is seen as a luxury commodity.


Cashmere is luxuriously soft to the touch, fashionable to the eyes, feather-light to wear, and is also a practical investment. It offers great insulation; is warm in the winter and cool in the spring. In fact, pure Cashmere is up to eight times warmer than sheep’s wool, yet significantly lighter to wear. Cashmere also gets softer with time, and rarely pills. The hygroscopicity of Cashmere is the strongest of all fibers with its moisture regain of about 15%. It can absorb moisture automatically on the changeable conditions of weather and temperature, and its perspiration effect is so significant that it can regulate the temperature to provide the most suitable environment for skin. This makes Cashmere Yarn the best suitable fabric for our Evoke Socks. Nothing else will compare.