How to Wear Fashionably Colored Socks

The dress sock is often an overlooked detail by fashionably uninformed men. The sudden shift from a dull habit to a head-turning accessory, lays in the subtle nature of the dress sock.

It is mostly hidden under strict suit attire, yet when it peaks out, the bold personality of its wearer shines through in colorful patterns that evoke curiosity, and imagination.

It’s like a hidden society for style. A secret handshake. A code for breaking the boredom in an otherwise conservative world.

The dapper man is desirable, flamboyantly confident, and carries himself with great pride. He is a man of many traits and colors.

Want a free lesson in style? No worries, we have you covered.

So let’s talk about socks, specifically sock styles. What are they, and when should you wear them?


This is where you can really mix it up. In general, there are three main categories of style to be conscious about. You can mix and match as you please. Just make sure they follow our simple rules.

Full Colorful

Bold in color, and simple to look at, this dress sock demands attention by bringing a pop of color to your attire. Experiment a little, and let your personality shine.

Our rules:

  • DO NOT match your socks with the rest of your outfit.
  • DO try to contrast or complement your sock color with another detail on your outfit, say a tie, bowtie, or pocket square.
  • DO experiment with holiday colors (orange for Halloween, green for St Patricks Day etc.)

The Argyle Sock

A classic set of diamond shapes in various colors and patterns. Curious and busy, this sock will really capture your individual look. Dare to be different!

Our rules:

  • DO NOT match your socks with your shoes.
  • DO dare to try some really playful colors, such as pink or purple.

The Patterned Sock

Stripes, dots, circles, birds-eye, chevron, what have you. This is where you can really push the boundaries of an intricate look. Break the habit, and be uncommonly self-confident.

Our rules:

  • DO NOT match your pattern with the rest of your look
  • DO think about what you want your socks to say about you
  • DO let your creativity flow

Deadly Sins of Sock Style

Here are some rules that should NEVER be broken. Please avoid:

  • Showing skin after your sock. The sock should be long enough to cover ankle and part of the calf.
  • Wearing white socks with dress shoes. Need this be said?

Don’t worry if your socks stand out. THAT is the point! Confidence, like so many other things in life, is key to style. Experiment, have fun, and enjoy your summer in great sock fashion.

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