How can we better this world? This is something we at Evoke Socks ask ourselves every day. Not only is our goal to create the absolute best and most comfortable dress sock known to man, but we also truly believe that each and every one of our socks will help bring progress to this world.With over twenty-four billion socks being produced and sold each year around the world, the opportunity to spread social awareness is immense. Imagine if every one of those socks carried a message? Imagine if every one of those socks gave something back? This is why we at Evoke Socks have decided to support various causes ranging from cancer research, to rainforest protection, to hunger prevention, to clean water supply in developing countries. We pledge to give 1$ for every charity sock we sell to those in need by supporting the most trustworthy of charity organizations in their future endeavors. Evoke_Socks_159