Growing up in Sweden, my obsession with colorful socks took off in the beginning of the millennia, where I was inspired by both a Swedish fashion trend and a little known Swedish custom of taking one’s shoes off before entering any household.

It wasn’t long before the Swedes found a trendy way of expressing individuality through cute, crazy, vivid, untraditional, bold and colorful patterned socks. Colorful socks became a way to introduce, connect, and identify people. The commonly bland sock was now obsolete, and I realized that the rest of the world needed to catch up and upgrade their sock game significantly…

I started from scratch and engineered my own fabric. I made sure that the design process was as perfect as possible so that you can truly feel the difference, whether it be the seamless toes, the cushioned beds, or the luxurious rare threads that we use in our line of socks. It is my firm hope that our socks will help you in your extraordinary journey wherever that may be. 

Andreas Schreiber

OUR mission

Evoke Socks mission has been simple from day one. Provide a high quality dress sock that evokes emotion through vivid colors and unique styles. Our designs perpetuate true inspiration, while the luxurious cashmere content of all of our dress socks provides a comfort for the feet like no other sock company in the world.

Be different. You cannot be all things to all people, so you might as well embrace your own uniqueness and give to others what you want yourself. Be the best you that you can be, and walk your own path with confidence. Not only do you owe that to yourself…but you owe it to the world.

Andreas Schreiber

We are a lifestyle brand

Andreas’ lifestyle whispers of something different and unique. He is a walking contradiction with diverging interest. He is born in America, yet raised in Sweden. He is a jock at heart, yet has an Ivy League education. He is a professional basketball player, yet an entrepreneur. He enjoys a good adventure video game, but is also classically trained in piano and guitar. Being unique is the foundation for Evoke Socks and something that is reflected in our products, designs, and patterns. They will hold a distinct place in your life because each piece is special and makes you feel extraordinary. We are proud to introduce a collection of accessories that evoke emotion and are inspired by grace and elegance.



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Lapel Pins


Our design process will always start with the best fabrics and if we can’t find what we need — we’ll invent it like our 200 needle count 80% cashmere socks. It’s then put through an intensive process of testing to make sure our products are as durable as possible without compensating for comfort. We do everything as meticulously as possible to ensure the highest quality and the best products that you as our customers have come to expect from us.